23 March 2010

photo 94

Last week was Spring Break for us. We ended the week with a camping trip to Oklahoma, or Hokihoma as Libby says. Addi was thrilled to finally see her birth city. We moved when she was 1 and hadn't been back since last week.

The wildlife refuge in the Wichita Mountains is pretty neat. Bryan and I hiked and camped there before we had children. Soon after arriving we saw a herd of wild longhorn cattle.

Then we saw some buffalo

and cute prairie dogs.

Levi slept great. He took a good nap in the big tent and slept well in his little tent (inside our big tent) at night.

The kids got dirty collecting rocks and digging holes.

Bryan climbed a tree to free a hanging limb and then almost didn't get back down. :)

Addi got creative with sticks.

We read,

watched deer,

climbed the "rocky" mountains,

and admired the views.

The girls enjoyed climbing in this little space.

Then all 3 posed in front of it on the way back down.

Addi took lots of goofy pictures.

I won't share them all. :)

We made it to the top of Little Baldy! Day 2's hike was a little more eventful. Those pics coming later this week.