15 March 2010

photo 88+

We celebrated Levi's 2nd birthday on Saturday. I cooked lunch: brisket, potatoes, and beans. Kroger baked and decorated cupcakes. Bryan provided the most obnoxious Elmo balloon ever created. It's bigger than Levi and plays Elmo singing Happy Birthday to You every time it's touched. By lunchtime on Sunday, Libby, who has quite a tolerance for all things obnoxious, requested the balloon be taken away from the table because she was sick of hearing that song. And, just in case I was thinking of leaving the balloon, she said, "Sick of means I don't want to hear that balloon singing anymore!" Local family members shared in our celebration and brought more boy toys to compete with all our girl toys. Levi enjoyed opening all the gifts, but had trouble moving on to each new gift.

Addi and Libby both had jobs during the present opening. Libby brought the gifts in from the other room and Addi recorded all the presents with the corresponding givers. After a combined 12 kids' birthday parties I've hosted, I finally figured out to do this for the 13th party. Now, I won't have to worry that I'm writing "Thank you so much for the fire truck" when the recipient of the note really gave a football. Somehow presents and cards get all mixed up at a childs' party. Why didn't I think of it sooner?!

You know what unnaturally green icing does to poop? You don't want to know!

This is the one picture I got of Levi with someone. I had such plans since I wanted to make him a Snapfish flipbook of him with everyone who loves him and realized I didn't have one single picture of him with certain key people. The good news is I was able to get a shot of him with his Aunt Lisa. The bad news is that wasn't a picture I was missing. :)
Maybe for the 14th kids' party I host I'll hire a photographer to capture it. Hmmmm...not a bad idea.