09 March 2010

He did, in fact, turn 2!

My former blogger-self was able to blog just about everyday, take care of my 2 kids and watch another baby during the day, get supper on the table, do housework, deliver and pick up kids at preschool, teach at preschool, and run errands. I'm not sure what happened to her. I would've never not gotten around to posting pics and a sweet message to one of my little dears on their birthday. But, if you don't tell him, he won't ever know since he can't read yet! Pictures of Levi's 2nd birthday are following. His party is this weekend. I know the years are dwindling down for me to have a small family party at home for him. I'm taking advantage of it, especially since his next-older sister is already planning her August birthday bash complete with about 50 friends, every family member she has ever met, an American Girl, and renting out the mall ice skating rink. And, a beach trip. Oh, I'm exaggerating! She only wants 48 friends. :) Really though, we're having a low-key party for Levi and it's gonna help me gear up for the 5 year old celebration at the end of the summer. Whoever said boys were easier was right! Except when it comes to running errands, making them mind, and potty-training (so I've heard)! I might be back with pictures from the party next week. No promises!

Levi's birthday lunch that he insisted on eating outside: lo-lo (yogurt), cheese quesadilla, fruit, and water.

Our celebration supper of his favorites: hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and bananas. He ate all of the banana and about 2 bites of everything else.

He was ready to dig into the peanut butter pie burning candles or not!

He was able to eat all of the pie!