08 January 2010

photo 62

Ever seen Chopped on The Food Network? We happen to watch it every once in a while. I guess Addi saw it one time and decided she'd stage her own version. If you haven't ever seen it, the show has several chefs and they have to cook a meal with a secret ingredient in a certain amount of time and then the judges kick one off for each course, they get chopped. Well, Addi's version only had 2 chefs, Libby and Addi, and 2 courses, a meal and a dessert. I didn't get pics of the desserts though. I'm being completely honest when I tell you, as a judge, they were a treat!

Ritz crackers, celery, dried cranberries, corn muffins, plain yogurt, PEPPER, and (not pictured) Smokehouse almonds

Her finished plate and the verdict? There was a lot of pepper and we've had those almonds a long time (they were one of my cravings when I was pregnant with Levi...I don't crave them so much anymore), but the plating was very nice. :) Oh, and I think my kids would devour the celery filled with yogurt and cranberries. They love it filled with cream cheese and raisins, but the yogurt wasn't bad and much healthier.

Smokehouse almonds, plain yogurt, Dora (sugar!) cereal, corn muffins, cold (but homemade) mac and cheese, and a banana
True to form, Libby's method was completely opposite of her sisters. Addi=precise, Libby=dump! The nice thing about Libby's entree was you could pick out your perfect bite and not have to have a taste of everything.
As for the winner, we couldn't pick just one, so we told them both they were the real winner when they were by themselves. :)
I probably won't be back until Monday. My expectations of blogging every day was off, so I'm thinking I'll take the weekends off. Maybe that way I won't burn out again too soon!