05 December 2009

Well, I'm nothing if not consistent about skipping a day every once in a while. (aka photo 51)

I'm lookin' for the positives here, People!

I took this picture knowing I would post it yesterday. I even uploaded to my computer. But, I fell asleep on the couch snuggling with my best snuggler (REP, if you're not sure...she's always warm, still has enough baby-fat left to be squishy, and is amazingly still when she wants to snuggle.) after our Family Night movie.

Yesterday afternoon, the 3 were especially wired. Like running through the house, jumping off the stairs, using their "outside" voices, making messes, and unintentionally hurting one another wired! I sat down on the floor with Levi and Libby (trying to make a presence of authority known!) to throw/roll a ball in between us. Addi decided to join in because, clearly, we needed some instructing. :) And, then, an amazing thing happened. I told them I needed to start supper, but they could keep playing and they did! They played nicely for about 20 minutes until Bryan came home and hyped them all back up. I know, I know, don't bet on that game ever working again!