27 November 2009

photo 45

Thanksgiving Celebrations

The kids helped serve lunch at the Thanksgiving Senior Lunch my mom hosts each year at her job.

Libs passed out rolls.

Addison scooped the dressing.

The 3 passed out pieces of pie.

Day-Before-Thanksgiving Dinner with my mom's side of the family

Levi was a little clingy that night.... "Momma, Momma, Momma!" But, Natalie and Kate knew the way to his heart!

My side of the table, except you can't see much of my Meme.

The other side of the table, minus Kate and Natalie. You see why Bryan has nicknamed Libby "Busy" since she was able to make it into both sides of the table pictures. :)

Levi fussed and whined a lot that night. Libby moved around a lot that night. Addi sat patiently and ate her food that night.

Dessert and playtime at Meme and Papa's

Thanksgiving Day at Bryan's cousin's home

Most of the young cousins on the trampoline

The little ones perfectly content... A few minutes later one was on his way to the ER and another one had fallen flat back hitting her head on the tile. A couple hours later everyone was back and perfectly content again.
I guess after all that excitement I forgot to take any more pictures. I can only imagine my reaction had one of those emergencies actually happened to one of my kids. :)
Hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving filled with many blessings.