13 November 2009

photo 32

I'm behind this week, which is nothing new, but that was my excuse to grab Sonic for lunch today. While we were waiting on our food, Libby suggested we have a picnic in our backyard. I know you might not think it from Libs outfit choice, but it's in the 70s...perfect picnic weather. (Ironically, she wore a sun dress and flip flops to walk Addi to school this morning when it was in the 50s!)

You can just see this picture would have been so cute if I'd actually looked at what I was taking a picture of and moved the cup!

And, this one would've been cute if Levi hadn't been trying to get away from Libby.

I'm sayin' this is a cute one even though Little Man has crumbs all over his cheeks.

Levi decided to share some grilled cheese with Zoe, which she gladly accepted.

And, then he shook his little finger in her face saying, "No! No! ZoZo!" Poor dog. :)