07 November 2009

photo 26

Yesterday, I took Libby and Levi to Addison's assembly at school. Since her birthday was Wednesday, she got to go onstage for the Birthday Song and we did not want to miss it. Addi's teacher asked if Libby wanted to sit with her sister and, you better believe, Libby did! In fact, she wanted to stay with Addi all day long!

I know this was yesterday's picture, but I have no excuse. Also, it has been brought to my attention that I apparently cannot count past 20...I've re-titled the 2nd posts previously titled photo 20, photo 21, and photo 22. Again, I have no excuse and I'll try to pay attention in the future! I may or may not (What can I say? I like flexibility.) post a picture later today of either bowling last night, picking out the American Girl doll, or some other random picture from the last 27 years of my life. (I think I'm finding some sort of odd control-factor in being non-commital flexible.)