02 November 2009

photo 22

On Saturday, I found myself home with only 1 child and no husband. The idea of a quiet house was no match for the glorious weather, so we headed to the nearby park. Levi and I shared a not-so-nutritious, but somewhat delicious meal from Wendy's and then I showered my last born with attention. We hadn't been to a playground geared toward his size in a long time. I was surprised at all he was able to do on his own.

Stuffing his mouth full of French fries

He loved the swings!

Levi was even able to rock this horse by himself.

He could climb the steps,

sit on the slide,

and make it all the way down with a smile on his face!
But, Levi's favorite thing to do...
was cover these stepping stools with mulch and then...

clean them off with a swipe of his hand!