05 October 2009

private talk

Libby and I have had quite a few chats on the same topic lately. I think she gets it and then...

A few weeks ago, as we waited for the elevator at her preschool, she looked at a complete stranger and proceeded to tell her, "I pee-pee in my pants sometimes and then my Daddy spanks me." Then she started talking about when she poops in her pants! What could I do??! The other mom was very gracious and even gave me a little giggle the next time I saw her, but I could have crawled in a hole. Not to mention, she hasn't had an accident in I don't know how long. We went over the talk: some things are private and you don't share private things in public. For days after that, anytime we were in public Libby would whisper in my ear, "I'm not gonna talk about pee-pee and poo-poo 'cause we're not in our house or the car!" Great. We were on the right track.

Oh, but today. Today we went to the Athletic Center which is next to Sprouts. I was looking at the English muffins when Libby came up behind me and started rubbing my behind. (That's not really the "punch line" since I'm used to at least one child touching me inappropriately in public.) No, then she has to (loudly) say, "Mommy! Your bottom is all wet!" Me: [nervous giggle, eyeing the area to see who heard] "Well, sweetie, that's because I just exercised." [then on her level in a whisper] "Remember the things we aren't supposed to talk about in public? Mommy's sweaty bottom is another one!" I don't know if she's ever going to get it.