14 October 2009

photo 3

We're going back a year to our pumpkin patch visit last October since we had to postpone our pumpkin patch trip originally planned for today due to the wet weather. Hopefully Friday's picture will be an updated pumpkin patch shot, minus Addi. :( (Unless I let her skip school...hmmm...oh, you know I'd never do that. I used to be a teacher. How, in good conscience, could I pull her out of school to go to a pumpkin patch? Besides, she's skipping next Friday to go to Sea World! I certainly would not entertain the idea of pulling her out two Fridays in a row!)

At least Levi has learned a NEW silly face in the past year!

Look how chubby my Libby Lu was! She's still got some chunk left on her, but I didn't realize she'd lost any! Another sign my baby's growing up and I'm in denial.