21 October 2009

photo 10

It's raining, it's pouring...

Gentle, loving, sweet, and kind

(not) Gentle, loving?, (not really) sweet, and (not so) kind

(you didn't see moments before when she had him in a headlock and you can't hear his cries of protest!)





Again, not-so-gentle...she has no idea of the monster she's creating!

We initially went outside to get fun pictures playing in the rain. I took some cute ones of Addi when she was around Levi's age and thought that would be fun to do today with my other 2 kids. Not so much. Libby just can't keep her hands off Levi and Levi's not really a frolick-in-the-rain kind of guy! He's more of a dig-in-the-mud-and-pull-found-worms-apart kind of guy, so maybe one day I'll gross you out with those pics. I'll end with a few of Addi's rain pictures. They were taken a few months after we moved to Raleigh and she was about 18 months old.