29 October 2009

Costumes of Halloweens Past/Photo 18

These pictures are horrible quality. They look like I took a picture of a picture in really bad lighting and then scanned the picture in finishing off the effect by editing it in Picassa making it as grainy as possible. These also prove I'm so bad about taking pictures. If I remember my camera, I forget to take pictures. Or I remember to take pictures at the end of an event when the children are DONE! I couldn't even find any pics from Halloween of 2004 or 2008, which was Levi's first Halloween. So, I can't promise better quality (yes, I can because I have a much better camera now), but I will get pictures of Halloween 2009.

*I know the spacing is all off, but I can't get it corrected and I'm tired of trying! Hope it doesn't bug you too much. :)

October 31, 2006
Snow White and Cowgirl Lu

October 31, 2005

Sweet baby Libby was a newborn for Halloween. I didn't even put a costume on her and she slept the whole time.

Addison was a princess/ballerina/fairy for 4 years in a row. Here she is at (almost) age 3 in the midst of her Tulle and Sequin phase.

October 31, 2007
Fairy Addi and Elmo only 4 days before we moved to Texas...the packers showed up the next morning...they did a pretty good job of packing and moving - we still have those wings!

Halloween 2003 - Addi's first Halloween
Levi wore that pumpkin costume last year...wish I had a picture of him in it :(