02 September 2009

This and That

Libby Lu is all about dressing herself these days. When Addi started doing this, I had panic attacks worrying if I let her wear her "outfits" in public, people (read: other mothers) would condemn me, but if I didn't let her, she might spend years in therapy being cured of her overly controlling mother. I'd like to think I've relaxed a bit over the years, but really I think Libby's just better at wearing me down. I barely batted an eye as we ran to 4 different stores with her in this get-up.
My White-Trash Baby
I couldn't normally post a picture of Levi running around outside because it wouldn't be decent! He would live outside if we let him and makes such a mess when he's out there that I usually just strip him down to his birthday suit and let him run free. Well, free within the confines of our teensy-tiny, fenced backyard. Bryan put him to bed last night and doesn't believe in pajamas for our children, so I didn't care if Levi got his already-dirty-from-yesterday's-food-stains shirt more dirty and he's wearing shoes only because the grass was still wet from the sprinklers running last night. But, normally he's out there nekkid as a jay bird and happy as a lark, especially when he pees all over the yard (or worse yet, the patio!) making one of his sisters scream. :)
This darlin' thing was adorable jumping on the trampoline this morning in her nightgown with her short hair wildly whipping around her face squealing and giggling in delight. Hands down the cutest thing I saw all day. I wanted to run in and grab the video camera, but instead I selfishly soaked the moment up.

It's been so cool in the mornings lately that I've left the back door open for the kids to wander in and out. First, notice how obedient Zoe is. Clearly she's begging for someone, anyone, to play, but she's outside and stays out until we call her in. She's a great, old dog and I hope she's around long enough for Levi to remember her. He is passionate about Zoe. She's part of the outside appeal for him. He still barks more than he speaks.
What about Addison? Well, no pictures of her because she always at school now! I'll get some soon though. She's doing well and likes her new classmates and teacher. Although the other night she told me she wished I would put her back in kindergarten. Her kindergarten teacher was so wonderful and, while we've heard over and over how fabulous her grade 1 teacher is, she just hasn't been in 1st grade long enough to bond with her new teacher. It doesn't help that she isn't as comfortable as we thought she'd be since only one kid that was in her kinder class is in this class. In a month, she'll be glad she's in 1st and has all these new friends, but it's bittersweet now.
I'm undergoing my usual Schedule Changing Issues. In a few weeks, once preschool starts (next week!) and my bible study starts (next week!) and MOPS starts (in a couple weeks!), I'll be able to get my new School Year Schedule down. For now though, I feel like I'm in a long transition. I've never been great with transitions!