28 September 2009

I am thankful for...

  • my girls who sat on Addi's bed with me tonight and giggled themselves silly. I already can't remember what was so funny, but I hope I always remember their laughter.
  • the big, beautiful, open Texas sky I gazed at as the sun set tonight. It made a long drive enjoyable.
  • my son. He adds such a different dynamic to our family and he loves me and fully expects me to pick him over either of his sisters.
  • the cooler weather. I forget how much I love fall every year and then, after a long, hot summer, the temp drops some and I fall (pun not intended) in love again.
  • that monstrosity of a football stadium because it made my husband happy since he was able to go to a game there tonight.
  • my grandparents who were delighted the kids and I spent the afternoon and evening with them.
  • my husband. I'm reading a book set in San Francisco and it's put me in a mood to take a trip there. I emailed Bryan this morning and said "I want to go to San Francisco with you." He wrote back and said we could go in a few weeks. (Except we can't because we have 3 kids and other responsibilities. Fortunately, he travels enough that we won't have to pay for airfare or a hotel, so it really is as easy as finding time. And childcare. :))
  • Bryan's traveling job. See previous bullet.
  • my warm bed. It's calling my name and I have about 20 pages left in my "San Francisco" book. Good night!