10 April 2009

No, because this is what happens!

At Levi's 12 month visit, the doctor asked if he was feeding himself with a spoon. I almost laughed out loud and asked him if he rememberd I had 3 kids. I've been through giving a baby a spoon and it ain't pretty. Instead, I just mumbled something about letting him feed himself finger foods. But, because I am plagued with NRBS (Not a Rule Breaker Syndrome), I have felt guitly each and every time I've spoon fed the kid since that appointment. The other day I let him go to town, so to speak. Here is photographic evidence that I don't have time to let him fine tune his spoon skills at this age. He went straight to the tub after this meal of sweet potato. And, you should have seen the floor...Zoe's idea of heaven. Maybe when he gets more than 2 teeth, enabling him to eat more than mush, we'll try again. Mush falls off a spoon too easily. It also mushes up even more in a baby's hands and then smears much too easily in that baby's hair. Especially when that baby decides to play peek-a-boo.