05 March 2009

My 1 year old

Levi had his 12 month well-check this morning and is sleeping off his 4 shots as I write.

He's 18 1/2 pounds which actually moved him up to the 3rd percentile. :) Strangely, all of my kids were 13 and some ounces at 6 months and 18 and some ounces at 12 months. I told the pediatrician he'll be very chubby this time next year if he continues in, what the doctor coined, "The Parker Growth Curve".

So, that means we aren't supposed to turn his car seat around yet. Putting him in his car seat has become about as bad as changing his diaper. My word, the kid can wiggle! In fact, unless we're going to be in a store for an hour or more, I choose to lug all 18 1/2 pounds of him in that bulky infant seat rather than take him out and then struggle with strapping him back in it.

He's still crawling, but this morning he decided to let go of me and stand on his own for about 5 seconds. He did it again this evening, so I know walking isn't too far off. I'm not ready for that.

Levi loves to eat and still wants to nurse as much as he ever did. I'm not giving in to that! He's nursing about 2 times a day, except when we go to the doctor and he gets four shots. He gets a little more comforting on days like that. :)

His eyes are still blue. Could they remain blue? Addi would be envious! He hasn't gotten any more teeth and the doctor said there's nothing going on with his gums, so it'll probably be a while before he gets any more. His hair is getting so long. I never thought I could be a mother who let her son's locks get long and lux, but I don't know that I can bring myself to having it cut. Seriously, I might emotionally go over the edge when Bryan finally makes me have his hair cut. It's going to have to wait until I get over this "1st birthday funk" I'm in. :)

His birthday came and went yesterday without much fanfare. The girls and I discovered he loved having Happy Birthday sung to him. He just grinned and clapped.

We have a little routine of me telling him to take his pacifier out of his mouth when I pick him up after a nap. He pops it out and sets in on top of some drawers. Then I cheer for him and ask for a high-five, which he gives me repeatedly. All that stopped today. I don't know, he just refused to high-five. In fact, a couple times he psyched me. You know, I said, "Oh, good boy! High-five, Levi?!" He put his hand up, but just before he connected with my hand he pulled away and turned his head in the other direction. What is that?!

We decided to let him open his birthday presents from us tonight. He needs practice for his party on Saturday anyway. Levi's interest in opening presents was zero. His interest in playing with his new presents was zero. Lucky for him, his sisters were interested in opening his presents. They took care of playing with them for him as well.

There is something exhausting and oh so challenging about watching your last baby turn 1. By now, you know you can't stop it or even slow it down. You resign yourself to letting it happen, hoping not to forget his sweet baby ways, but knowing you will. And knowing this time there won't be another one in a couple years to remind you.

But, I have a 6 year old who is super fun. She can carry on a conversation that amazes me with thoughtful insight and wise conclusions. And, I have a 3 year old who just wants to talk (and talk and talk) and make me laugh. She is silly and emotional and loving. I am so blessed with my 3.

Over the next year, we will see much more of Levi's personality. I still think he's pretty easy-going, but I see some of both his sisters in him. I guess that makes sense since he and his sisters all come from the same parents. Duh!

I wish there was a way to rewind time to experience something again. Just to hold that tiny newborn one more time, to see those precious first smiles, to hear that quiet brand new baby cry, to smell those non-offensive purely-breastmilk poop diapers. Okay that last one wasn't so great at the time, but now that I'm experiencing the adult-like poop in his diapers, I'd go back to those anyday!

It's funny when I'm out with just Levi people assume he's my only child and proceed to give me advice. Many times I don't mention that I have 2 others and pretend they've assumed he's my first because I look much to young to have a child older than him. Today we had a new nurse at the pediatrician's office. She came in saying, "Levi's just had his first birthday. Mom, if you blink he'll be in kindergarten, blink again and he'll be in college." Oh, don't I know it? Don't I know it?

(I'm not really depressed. Didn't all my :) convince you?! No? I'll be back soon with happy pictures and a recap of his birthday party.)