27 March 2009

baby birthin'

I just walked through the living room and found both girls reclined on the couch with balloons stuffed up their shirts. Let me preface their conversation by revealing that I've been totally honest with some details regarding labor and delivery. For instance, it hurts and how the baby gets out of the mommy.

Addi: No, you have to lay down. And, pretend there are doctors all around you trying to help.
Libby: Okay.
Addi: (while groaning and moaning pulls balloon out of her shirt) Oh, wait. I forgot, I think the baby comes out of my leg. Let me just poke a hole in my leg. There. (pulls "baby" out of her leg) Now you do it.
Libby: Okay. (copies her sister and then jumps off the couch) Want to see my baby. It's a girl!

I know it's been over a year since I last experienced this, but their version doesn't seem even vaguely familiar. :)