23 February 2009

my hero

Bryan left the house early, early this morning for Reagan and me. Today is her preschool's registration day and he arrived at 4:30 to stake his place in line. Oh, yes, there was already a line at 4:30 this morning. Someone had been there since 10 last night. This is serious business, folks!

So, he sat for 4 1/2 hours listening to all the drama involved when a bunch of people (mostly females) wait to (hopefully) get what they believe best for their child(ren). The ones who follow the rules. The ones who don't. The ones who find loopholes. The ones who want justice. The ones who had no idea they needed to get in line before registration began at 8. The ones who've done this time and time before and sleep in their cars hoping to be first in line. I'm sure you can imagine. Or, then again, maybe you don't want to.

I've only had to imagine, thanks to Bryan. Last year, registration was on my due date so he took the day off in case I couldn't be there. (That was some hopeful thinking, wasn't it?!) This year I was totally planning on going, but then I had to find someone to watch the kids since kids aren't supposed to be there. Without hesitation, Bryan volunteered to go again.

I know it's not fun for him. I know he missed the first few hours of his normal work day. I know he'll be extra tired today. I know he'll have to work later than normal. I know he thinks (and I agree) getting in line at 4:30 in the morning for preschool is absurd. But, he knows Reagan and I love her preschool and he loves us, so he did this for us without complaint.

Reagan doesn't realize (or, frankly, care too much about) the sacrifice her daddy made for her this morning. She never will unless she's in the same boat with her own child(ren) one day. I do, though. It has made me remember what a good man I married.

I appreciate what you did, Bryan. Love you.