28 January 2009

What's that yucky smell??

Okay, so I have a few posts waiting to be finished and published, but they'll have to wait.

We have some distasteful smell wafting from our kitchen/breakfast room and laundry room. I sort of smelled something yesterday and thought it was the trash. After taking out the trash, Febreeze-ing the air and trash can, and letting a candle burn all day, I thought the smell was gone. However, this morning Libby came in my room (I got to sleep in a little since we're having an inclement weather day!) to ask, "Mommy! What's that yucky smell?" (This a question she asks several times daily. She seems to have inherited my sense of smell which is fun when it's on overdrive during pregnancy.) I walked out of my room to find The Smell had intensified and overtaken the house. Nice.

My solution:

  1. kick the dog out (I do feel a little bad, but she's been inside almost non-stop for the past 2 days and the sun's out melting all the ice. Fine. I'll let her back in after step 2.)
  2. clean, clean, clean (Good news! I have my 6-year-old home and I'm not above child labor.)
  3. light a stronger candle
  4. bake cookies (The Smell might or might not be the real reason for this one.)
  5. hope The Smell is gone by the time Bryan gets home from Houston later today (We've really missed him and there's nothing that says "Welcome Home" like a freshly cleaned house with a good smell).

And, if none of that works, we may have to bundle up and open all the windows to air the place out.

I better get busy and I'll be back later or tomorrow with one of those other posts.