04 December 2008

Hide and Seek

Levi is 9 months old today. I'm listening to him blow raspberries in his baby monitor right now. His well-child appointment was in the middle of his morning nap, so he's a little "off" today. I was so sure he'd have moved up the weight chart; he's starting to look chubby to me. Even when his weight of 16 pounds was announced it sounded heavy to me. I mean, not heavy-weight heavy. Maybe heavy for a light-weight division. However, he's still on the same, old, 1st percentile curve. His height's in the 8th percentile, but that's shorter than before. As always, his head is his shining glory. It came in on the 44th percentile curve! (I've read before the most attractive people have big heads :) And I would have to agree since my 3 all have good sized noggins!) He got the booster to his flu shot and had a finger prick to check for anemia. Not a tear was shed! Developmentally he's doing well and his doctor has predicted a tooth by Christmas.

(sidenote: I'm having a battle of wills with my 3 year old at the moment. I think I'm losing. Back to Levi...)

This morning I was packing Libby's lunch in the kitchen. Libby was playing with the nativity and Levi was crawling around the floor of the dining room (where the Christmas tree is supposed to be out of sight and out of mind). It took me all of 3 minutes, but I couldn't find Levi anywhere when I finished with her lunch. Libby couldn't find him either. That might be because all she did was follow me around copying me word for word. "Levi. Levi! Levi?! Come here, Baby!"

Have you ever tried playing Hide and Seek with a 9 month old? It's a challenge.

Finally, I looked behind the Christmas tree. There I saw his 2 little feet sticking out from under the branches. By the time I grabbed a camera, Libby was back there with him.

It really was against my better judgement to put the tree up this year. Do you think the older 2 would be scarred if I took it down 21 days early?!