15 November 2008


Reagan has a mind of her own and it shows up in most everything she does. It is a great quality and can serve her well, but it is also challenging for me to deal with at times. She does things at her pace, doesn't liked to be quizzed, and hears all. When I thought she was ready to learn her colors, she started counting to 10. I almost worried myself sick for a month trying teach her what was red, or pink, or green. When I asked her what color her cup was, she'd stare at me as if I were from another planet or she'd tell me, "I don't know!!" or both. Then she'd count all the peas she had yet eaten. I was perplexed. I knew she had the intelligence to learn her colors. For pete's sake, she learned to count to 10 on her own! Eventually, I calmed down and decided she would tell me what color her cup was when she felt like it. She did.

Potty training was another big issue. I really wanted her potty trained before we had another baby for which to buy diapers. That plan worked the first time around; why not this time? I think we started to potty train her at least 3 times before I figured out (yet again) she would do it when she was ready. I did tell her that I wouldn't allow her to go to preschool in diapers. Long story short, she essentially potty trained in one week early in the summer. Really. One week was all it took to go from full-time diaper wearer to no-time diaper wearer. Oh, there was the occasional accident, but it was fairly rare and we weren't having to remind her all the time.

I had finally figured that girl out! It was like we were expert parents or something.

But, (you had to know there'd be a BUT) she doesn't like to go potty. It takes up so much time and she worries someone will touch whatever she's playing with or eating while she's in the bathroom.

Plus, I make her wash her hands.

And dry them.

And, she doesn't like to be told what to do. She will look you straight in the face while dancing all around to tell you she doesn't need to potty when, clearly, she does. You should hear the wailing after we force her to go to the bathroom.

The last few days Bryan's been fishing. The kids have been great, but Libby has been waiting much too long to go potty resulting in, well, I think you can figure it out. Not a soaking where a floor cleanup is necessary, but if she goes 10 times a day, 9 of those times we'll have to change her panties. (This really is not new, but is getting progressively worse and I'm noticing it more when I'm the only parent.) I told her last night, after she'd had a bath and then waited too long before bed and then needed another bath, if she did it again today, I was going to put her in a diaper. I really don't like this method of parenting. In fact, I got mad at Bryan when he got frustrated with her early on in potty training and did the same thing. I don't want to make my kids feel badly. I just don't know what else to do. Honestly, I thought at the mention of a diaper, she'd straighten up. She gave me a look like she could care less, so I went on about how embarassed she be at Sunday School in a diaper. That seemed to hit a nerve. I was pretty sure we'd have no more problems with waiting too long to go to the bathroom.

Of course, this morning she waited too long and when I discovered her panties (because she refuses to put wet panties back on, not that I blame her), I had to stick to my guns. I grabbed one of Levi's diapers and stretched and pulled until I barely fastened them around her waist. She almost started to cry. I had her! This was a fantastic idea! Finally a lesson that would sink in and stick with her!

Immediately she walked over to Addi, pulled up her nightgown (yes, it is 2 pm and we are all in our pajamas - it's a cold and lazy day here!), stuck out her rear and died laughing. The girl almost fell over she laughed so hard singing, "I'm wearing a diaper! I'm wearing a diaper!"


I'm at my wit's end here. Suggestions, anyone?? Do I make her put the wet panties back on if we're at home because I know she hates that? How gross is that?! You know I must be desparate to even think it. Surely someone can up a better idea.

Any suggestions will be appreciated and not judged :)


*In case you weren't sure, that's her down there. I knew exactly which child of mine that was and assumed the rest of you would also. But then, Bryan mentioned the picture of Addison on the blog...