10 October 2008

Too easy meme

Carrie at Three-Girl Circus tagged me for this super easy photo meme. All I had to do was go to the sixth picture in the sixth file of my photos and post it.

I'll do that now...

Oops! That was an "after" picture of our bathroom at our old house. Who wants to see that??! Why do I even still have that?!!

I'll go to the seventh picture in the seventh file like Carrie had to do also. Here it is...

Nope! You don't want to see that one either - even worse! It's a "before" picture of our old garage! What was I thinking a) taking a picture of our garage and b) uploading said picture to take up space on our computer?!

So, I'll try the fifth picture in the fifth file.

We have a winner!

Sweet Libby Lu at 9 months eating black-eyed peas. If only I could have that little one back for just an hour to snuggle and kiss those sweet cheeks. These days if I try to kiss her cheeks, she turns her head and yells, "Stop KISSING me!!"

Okay, so that wasn't really that easy after all! (Maybe if I would edit my pictures once in a while :)) Even so, it's easier than having to think up something write about. I tag DeeDee, Becky, Ashley, Elysa, Andrea, Shana, and Lisa. And anyone else who has writer's block :)