16 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Well, it was like 95 degrees and the pumpkins had been trucked in and the trailor hay ride wasn't running, but it gave me a bad craving for some hot chocolate anyways.

We took the kids to a "pumpkin patch" down the road on Monday evening. It was just a little one in the field next to a church, but with our October schedule and still adjusting to toting 3 kids around, it was the best we could do. Plus, the girls don't really remember donning jackets and driving to pumpkin farms while we lived in North Carolina. Thankfully, they don't remember feeding farm animals, grabbing potato sacks and flying down enormous slides, getting lost in hay mazes, and seeing a tractor pull us out to the fields full of pumpkins. There was none of that at our local patch. But it did have a bounce house, a mini hay maze and a trebuchet. Oh, and they scattered hay all over the ground for effect. Note to self: Don't wear flip-flops to the pumpkin patch next year even if it's still 87 degrees at 7 pm.

The kids had a good time and that's really why we even left the house. They both picked out little pumpkins and decorated them with markers, glitter, and ribbons. They also named them. (Are they such girls or what?) Libby asks every morning if her puntin grew the night before. She's convinced Addi's grows each and every night because it's still aliiiiive. I wonder who filled her head with that idea?! We also have a bigger pumpkin that needs carving. While at the patch, I nagged repeatedly mentioned Daddy would be carving the big pumpkin with the girls. I'm sure Bryan's had it on his mind ever since and has already carved (no pun intended) out time to spend on such an enriching and bonding activity with his precious daughters who think the world of him. But, it isn't done yet, so I'll post pictures once our jack-o'-lantern is completed. I do, however, have a picture of Ahmi and the Other One. (I totally can't remember the name of Addi's pumpkin. Ahhh!)
And, yes, I've filled my hot chocolate craving, but writing about it is making me want more!