29 October 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set...

This morning was the Boosterthon Fun Run at Addison's school. Bryan and I figured she'd run about 10 laps, but she completed 26! Because we knew she'd only do about 10, we felt confident pledging to pay $1 per lap for her. Oooops! Now we'll be shelling out over twice what we'd planned! I must say, I got a little worried at breakfast today when she told me that she and one of her classmates were the only two in her p.e. class not to have to walk when they practiced for the run.

It was a fun fundraiser and I'm hoping the school meets their goal of $20,000 so there will be no more fundraisers this year. If our $26 helps meet that goal, I'm all for it :)

And, just so you don't think I'm bragging, let me tell you there were kids who met the "lap cap" of 35 in kindergarten. They were the ones wearing their Brooks running shoes and Saucony running shorts. (Seriously, I didn't even know you could buy running shorts in 5T!)

One more confession: I thought long and hard about buying her some running shoes. I even found a 25% off coupon at FootLocker Kids. I'll blame that on the former runner in me. That's also what I'll blame my eye rolling on after the announcer told the kids, "Repeat after me; It's okay to walk." Uhhm, no. It's called a Fun Run! And, on the fact that I was proud of her for not taking a water break. Water's for wimps! Oh, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

This is how Libby felt about cheering for Sister early on a chilly morning.

Getting loosened up for the run
Making sure her pants stay put - that's what you have to do when you have a little tush :)

Cracking your knuckles always gets the jitters out
Don't let the relaxed form fool you. She was lapping those people!

Here she is lapping someone else!

Libby was so thrilled when someone finally "high-fived" her!

The cool-down lap and a smile.