03 July 2008

Precious little friends...

was the subject of an email I just opened. It contained these pictures of Levi and Court.

The kids and I spent the day swimming at Court's Meme's (is that what you're gonna be called, Debbie?) house. We had lots of fun. In fact, the minute we pulled into our garage Addison asked me when we'd be going back. Before I could answer she asked, "Next Saturday?!"

My camera battery died just as we started taking pictures of the boys. I did get one or two but won't be able to get them onto the computer until I find a new battery. That means I won't have the cute picture I got of the girls sharing a raft while both wore their (inflatable) rings. Thankfully, Debbie also sent out a couple pictures of the girls.

Thanks Debbie, Larry, Ashley and Court for a wonderful day!