13 July 2008

The Little Mister

Dear Levi,
You are 4 months old! Some moments I still feel the need to pinch myself. Do I really have a son?! Those moments usually aren't at 3 am when you're screaming with hunger! You aren't sleeping through the night yet and probably won't be for awhile since you're such a little guy. You tipped the scales at 10 pounds, 14 ounces. The doctor said you were doing fine at the very bottom of the growth chart. I think you are doing just as you are supposed to be. You'll probably gain all your "baby fat" in your 2nd year just as your sisters did. You are the "happiest" baby we've had. It isn't hard to get a smile out of you. Your eyes are still blue and your hair is still dark. It's all about the same length except a longer tuft at the crown of your head that likes to stick up after your baths. You've learned to splash during bathtime. What a mess that makes! You roll over to your stomach as soon as I put you down, so you sleep with your rear end in the air. I love it! In the past week you've starting squealing at the top of your lungs. You aren't upset. I think you just like the way it sounds. You always seem to start when I'm on the phone or your dad is trying to watch a tv show! You have your sisters wrapped around your finger. As soon as you wimper one of them is trying to pick you up or entertain you. Levi, you are very loved and I hope you always know it. I'm so excited to get to know you, my son, and to experience raising a Levi-Man.
Love you always,