15 May 2008

Patience really is a virtue

I know my blog has turned into somewhat of a joke with a post coming once a week or less, but, honestly most days I don't even venture in to turn on the computer until naptime. Some days the computer is never used. I've been focusing more on things like feeding my children and since one of those eats 8 times a day, that's a time consuming task. When I'm not devoting my time to the baby, I feel like I either need to tidy up the house (or deep clean - it really needs both almost all the time!) or spend time with my older 2. With Addi starting kindergarten in August, I'm realizing how short and precious time at home with my children really is, so spending time with them has been trumping cleaning lately. Fortunately I'm not one of those "can't go to bed with a dish in the sink" kind of women : ) Although I do hate waking up to a mess. But, I'd hate to wake up 15 years from now and realize I kept an organized home for my family or a detailed account of our "events" on the blog, but forget to enjoy my family or those "events". All that to say, I don't know when I'll be blogging more regularly, but one day I'll get back to it. There are just other things higher on my priority list right now. For instance, I've got to go break up a fight at this very moment and then feed a baby who suddenly woke up and is starving! Why does everything happen at once?!