14 March 2008

pictures, pictures, pictures

Levi is 10 days old today. It is almost unbelievable to me. He is precious and sweet and perfect! I am already starting to dread the end of the newborn stage as I see him becoming more and more alert each day. While I'll enjoy getting him on a semblance of a schedule, I will miss the snuggly little newborn I have now.

Today was my first day without any help. My grandmother came to stay on Sunday and left yesterday. It was so nice to have an extra set of hands, eyes and ears! I think I did pretty well on my own - we all got fed, dressed, and teeth and hair brushed by the time we had to leave to get Addi to preschool. I even got a shower taken! After Libby's meltdown in the hallway outside Addi's classroom, she was very sweet and obedient. We had a "picnic" lunch in the living room, which is something we started doing on Addi's preschool days. I think she enjoyed sharing my attention with only one sibling again! Then we even made it back to preschool on time to pick Addi up. It was a little crazy once we made it home - Levi was starving, Libby was exhausted, and Addi was excited, so she wanted to tell me all about her day right then! Now, Libby is finishing up her nap, Addi is watching "Booberang" (as she pronounces Boomerang), and I have about 15 minutes until Levi will need to eat again. My parents are coming over tonight and bringing yummy food with homemade desserts to celebrate my birthday. All in all, a very good day!

I almost forgot the best part though. It's Friday, which means Bryan will be home with us over the weekend. I'll have some wonderful help and get to spend time with one of my most favorite people.

And now for what y'all are even checking my blog for these days - the pictures...