31 January 2008

a couple from Addison

I want to record a few things Addi's said lately, more for myself than for the rest of y'all. Although, y'all are more than welcome to read on and enjoy :)

She said this one morning last week as the girls were picking up the playroom. And, yes, it had gotten so bad that I wasn't even allowing them to play in it all day and then pick it up!

"Mommy, I'm so glad Santa doesn't have to pay for the toys he brings us. Then he can bring us anything we want!"

Oh, if she only knew.


I've been a little emotional lately.

(It's the hormones mixed with the overwhelming fear of Another One demanding more from me than what I have left to give and the feeling that I am inadequate as I am since I can't accomplish all I feel necessary before the Other One appears and, of course, the unknown of when will You appear, Little One? Although I think I feel better that I've now saved myself how much money in counseling by revealing my insides to the blog? It really is beside the point of this post though.)

What I was trying to say was I've been bursting into tears a little more than the girls are used to lately.

"I've seen you cry, Mommy. And I cry. And I see Libby cry. But, does Daddy ever cry? And, how does he do it?"

No, Baby, Daddy lives in a house full of women who cry so much, he doesn't have to. He probably just cries on his way home each day wondering what emotional breakdown he'll be dealing with that evening.


Today during lunch, Libby kept telling me to "sit on your bottom, Mommy!" and I kept saying I was. She finally said, "like me!" I reminded her that she was sitting on her knees. To which, Addi, ever so gently, remarked, "Mommy's knees are too wide to fit on the chair. She can't sit on her knees!"

She'll never know how close I was to proving her wrong!