29 October 2007

What shoulda been

Five years ago today, I should have been holding a tiny baby in my arms. I should have been tired and sore and excited and nervous and in love in a way I'd never known before. I should have been beginning my life as a momma.

Instead, I was depressed and discouraged because my due date was yesterday and when is this baby going to decide to come out!

I didn't know it then, but little Addison Grace would stay put for a whole week past her due date and then would get stuck on my pelvic bone. We would meet for the first time, after 3 hours of pushing, on Tuesday, November 4, 2002. She made me work for her!

Addi Pie,

It blows my mind that you will be 5 years old in less than a week! The time has flown by. It seems like I've always known you...like you've always been a part of me.

Each morning I hear you amble into my room and make your way to my side of the bed for the sole purpose of giving me a kiss. It's my wake-up call and it beats hearing the beeping of an alarm any day! You shower me with kisses everyday and are always up for a hug or some snuggling. You've always been sweet and loving. I hope you never grow too big for those traits.

Addison, I love being your momma. I knew before you were born that you were something special...something to be excited about. I can't wait to spend another 5 years with you, except I wish I could find a way to make them go by more slowly than the first 5! All the work's been worth it :)

Love you,