21 October 2007

Baby P

A little over a week ago, I had an ultrasound. If we were finding out the gender of this baby, it would have been the time to do it. However, according to the sonogram lady, Baby P moves so much that she wasn't even sure by the time the ultrasound was over.

I must say I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of this baby moving as much as Libby did/does. I've told myself this whole pregnancy that surely this baby would be more easy-going and calm. Since the ultrasound, I've considered going Cold Turkey and giving up all sugar, caffeine, chemically-altered foods for the rest of this pregnancy in hopes of calming Baby P down.

Then I come to my senses and realize I Need Chocolate. I can't give up chocolate. And if I'm not giving up chocolate, a Dr. Pepper every once in a while won't hurt either ;)...(my, how my food restrictions have relaxed since I was pregnant with Addison).

Even though Baby P was all over the place, we were able to capture some good shots. I'm not sure how well they'll scan, but I'll give it a try. There is one picture of Baby P's face that I just love. I keep it beside my bed and look at it every night. When she took the picture, I was looking at it on the screen and I told Bryan that I could've seen that face and known it was one of our babies. You won't see any of that. The only reason I see that when I look at the picture now is because I can remember how clear it was to me on the screen. The bottom 2 pictures are actually the same picture...the bottom of the baby's feet. The lady knew it was my last appointment and said she wanted to make sure this baby knew where he/she came from. But the feet are upside-down, so that's why I've posted the picture twice.

Do you see that sweet little face?...on the right side toward the bottom?

hint: the heel of the right foot is touching the word FROM

fyi: North Carolina is the Tarheel State...did y'all already know that?? I didn't before I moved here :)