10 June 2007

Well, obviously, we like the torture

If you know us, or have read more than this post, you know that we recently spent a week and a half in Texas. All of our family lives in Texas, most in the DFW Metroplex. We flew into DFW airport and over the course of a week or so, saw almost all of our family members.

You may think that is the torture I am referring to.

Of course not. Depleting all our Vacation Fund to spend time in the not-so-tropical-or-mountainous area of Dallas is really our idea of a relaxing trip. Seriously, we love being able to spend time with family and are thankful that our girls get this opportunity a couple times a year.

The torture I'm talking about began when we stepped off that plane a few weeks ago and will end...when...when will it end?!

You see our daughters spent all that time in Texas surrounded by grandparents. 24 hours a day of complete spoiling...Cookies for breakfast...New clothes...McDonald's every other day...New outfits...Dessert every night...New dresses...No naps...New swim suits...Movie after movie...

Anything a little girl could want was doled out in excess.

And, that's fine. That's what grandparents are for. At least, that's what my mom says. We've done that before and after a week or two of detox, the girls are back to normal and no longer demand their heart's desires.

However, this trip was different. This trip ended for Bryan, Libby, and me 6 days before it ended for Addi. She stayed with my parents for 3 days and Bryan's parents for 3 days all by herself. At one point, my dad was bragging on her by telling me that she never whined or complained about anything. To which I felt compelled to ask if she was ever told "No". My dad's reply: Of course not!

I think you're catching on.

Bryan's parents flew back with Addi last Thursday and have been our guests since then. I don't know if Libby remembers life without a grandparent around. And Addi doesn't want to.

They will leave in a few days and I will begin the systematic process of un-spoiling my children. Although necessary, it is not something to which I look forward. It could be a long summer around our house.