18 June 2007

2 in 2

Reagan Elizabeth will turn 2 years old in just 2 short months. I could list 222 things I love about her and still not be finished. Instead, I'll narrow it down to 22 in honor of her 22 months.

  1. Her deep, deep, chocolate-y brown eyes with the incredibly long eyelashes framing those eyes.
  2. Her new favorite game is hiding.
  3. The way she loves to claim everyone's property for them..."Addi's shoes, Mommy's shoes, Daddy's shoes, Bibby's shoes".
  4. As soon as I take her out of her crib in the mornings, she points to the door and says "Eat!"
  5. She tries to do everything she sees Addi do.
  6. Her tan skin.
  7. Her chubby thighs.
  8. She puts her Crocs on all by herself.
  9. She loves babies.
  10. She is so sweet sometimes I think I can't take it :)
  11. She loves Zoe from afar often telling her, "Eat, ZoZo, eat!" (When Bryan had Zoe living with him during college he taught her to go away and lay down when he'd say "Eatin'!", so he could eat in peace)
  12. Her independence.
  13. The way she notices everything like where everyone sat the first night we had company. The next day she walked around the table pointing to each seat while naming the person who'd sat there the night before.
  14. How she often surprises me with her knowledge.
  15. The way she gets her entire body moving when she walks.
  16. "She's a 6-year old in a almost 2-year old's body" is what a friend said of her today.
  17. She loves to be outside.
  18. She never wants to sit still.
  19. She loves other kids and is very friendly with them.
  20. She isn't so friendly with other adults...not rude, just cautious.
  21. She's not scared of anything...except animals nearby when no one is holding her.
  22. Anytime she falls, bumps, or skins, I say, "Brush it off." No matter where the boo-boo is, she brushes her hands together and then she's fine. Unless, of course, she really is hurt, which is usually only when blood is drawn.