01 April 2007

a Sunday story (7)

This'll be a short one, folks.

Layne's is a restuarant in College Station, TX. It's right across from the main entrance to Texas A&M University. And, it is yummy!

When Bryan and I were still in school, you could order chicken fingers or chicken fingers. They came with great fries and toast and, this was the best part, a secret dipping sauce. Oh, I must mention their ice. Like shaved snow cone ice...perfect with a Dr. Pepper!

Layne's is located in this little building that looks like it might fall down at any moment. There are a few mismatched booths inside and the walls are plastered with pictures of Aggies.

It seems things have changed as they always do. When I Googled "Layne's", I found that you can now get a sandwich and potato salad is served with the chicken fingers. Not only potato salad, but potato salad in addition to fries, toast, and sauce. Yeah, I don't know about fries and potato salad. But, you can sub whatever you want, so, for me no potato salad, extra fries, please, thank you. Also it seems this new and classy, if you will, chicken joint has opened up a few doors down from Layne's. I won't be mentioning the name of this establishment because what I read about it is despicable. I AM A LOYAL LAYNE'S CUSTOMER. But, from what I read, this place has pretty much copied Layne's, but added a sturdy new building with swanky decor. Since I haven't seen this new restaurant, much less eaten there, that is all I'll say about it.

So, anyway, Layne's is really, really good. If you ever find yourself in College Station, make sure you stop in. I know I will be doing my best to talk my husband into stopping by on our way from Houston to Dallas in May!

Of course, if we stop at Layne's, we will also need to stop at Wings N More and Freebirds. That's just a day though...breakfast, lunch and dinner, right?!