09 April 2007

Just when I thought I was running out of material

You can always count on your kids to give you good stories. Our youngest provided just that this evening.

Libby and Addi were splashing around in my bathtub while Bryan and I talked. There's a little confusion as to exactly how it happened since I was looking toward Bryan and he was talking to me from our bedroom. All Addi said was something to the effect of, "I didn't put my leg there!" I do have little doubt that Libby was standing up in the tub though. She and I battle over that every time I bathe her.

We do know she hit her mouth on the side of the tub. I grabbed her and saw a little piece of Dove soap on her lip which I quickly brushed off. About that time, I realized her tooth had been chipped. Her top, front tooth...and that wasn't soap...that was part of her tooth! Somehow I managed to find that pearly white on our white tile.

She cried for about 30 seconds and then wanted back in the tub.

At that point, I thought of all the years of pictures I will have of my beautiful, snaggle-tooth daughter. When I mentioned that to Bryan, he laughed and said he thought it fit Libby Lu's personality perfectly.

Then, he suggested we give her Tylenol since she may be in pain stating something about "possible exposed nerves" and I almost came unglued. I generally remain calm. I don't panic when I see a busted lip or a fall or, even, vomit. For some reason, this was too much for me.

Bryan pulled out all our books and couldn't find anything about chipped teeth.

So, I called our friendly, personal dentist, Steve. I've known Steve since high school and he's not really our personal dentist, but he probably thinks I ask him enough dental questions to start us an account and get our billing information. Anyway, Steve calmed my fears. (Thanks, Steve, and I didn't find any pink! Oh, and, it wasn't as bad of a chip as I told you...call it exaggerated Momma panic, if you will.)

Just in case, I gave little Libby a dose of Tylenol before bed. She's sleeping soundly and, not to disappoint Addi, who is positive "this fairy comes and gives you something for your teeth, even part of a tooth", I will be leaving a little treat somewhere for Libby. Addi believes in all the other stuff...why not the Tooth Fairy?! And, can you really start brainwashing them for "You better be good or [fill in imaginary creature] won't bring you any presents" too early? Uhh, not that we employ that parenting strategy or anything.

I tried to get some pictures of our rough-and-tumble girl. She let me take pictures, but wasn't so in to smiling. Nevertheless, I know you're only here for the pics!

Just had to get one with the shirt!

You can kind of see it below...if you squint. Well, maybe not :)
Trying to copy Addi's funny face.

Horrible, blurry pic of the tooth chip next to a red sprinkle.