15 April 2007

Horses and Dogs and Boy! Oh, My!

The girls and I went horseback riding with some friends the other day. I should clarify by saying that Addi was actually the only one of the 3 of us to ride a horse. She had a blast and acted like she'd been around horses her whole life.

It was, to say the least, an interesting place. Our friends live in a little town outside of Raleigh and happen to see a homemade sign advertising horseback rides for $5. The ride consisted of the owner walking the horse in laps around her "front yard". Addi got to ride with her friend, Salina, which made it that much more fun for them. The family had 6 dogs that were let out during the middle of Addi and Salina's ride. A couple of them made me a little nervous. They weren't dogs that had necessary had their shots. Ever.

When Addi and Salina finished their ride, it was time for Rosalea's and that left the younger 2 to play with Hunter, the owner's little boy. He was a sweet little boy starved for playmates. Hunter picked flowers for Addi and pushed both girls on his little rolling horse. He took them to play on his swingset in the "side yard" and tried to take them to the "back yard" to see his tractor. When I told Addi she needed to stay in the front, he began pleading with Diane and me to not "take the kids away"...bless his heart!

After all the riding, the kids got to feed Fina the horse sugar cubes. Again, Addi surprised me by not hesitating at all before grabbing a sugar cube and sticking her hand out. Even Hunter was scared to let the horse lick a sugar cube from his hand, but not my girl! Well, not my eldest...Libby wouldn't even unclench her fists to pet the horse :)

Had to throw in this last one of Lu in her overalls. You can't see, but Addi's jeans are some that belonged to me when I was her age and on the back pocket it says "Daddy's Little Filly"...nothing like dressing them for the part :)