25 April 2007

Addi's supper

Last night I pulled out this cookbook and let Addi pick what we ate for supper. After about 2 minutes of perusal, she pointed out a recipe for Cheddar Corn Bread Wedges. That's it. Just corn bread for supper.

After a little more prompting, she added Macaroni and Cheese, Oven-baked Carrot Fries and Cinnamon and Sugar Swirls.

The only complaint came from Bryan. Is this all we're eating??...carrots and macaroni and cheese??!!

Addi enjoyed helping in the meal preparation and I enjoyed spending time with her and letting her do things I normally don't.

And, no, I didn't get any pictures. I know you want pictures and I know that was the perfect opportunity, but...I didn't. Next time...