26 February 2007


I helped out in a 4 year-old class this morning at preschool instead of doing my usual science gig. At the end of the morning I overheard this exchange between two of the little boys.

[background: The class was drawing pictures of 3 nutritious foods.]
boy 1: I can eat a whole carrot in 10 seconds!
boy 2: Well, I can eat a apple slice in 4 minutes!

Which has nothing at all to do with what my 4 year-old is doing right now. Her room is still a work in progress, so she's sleeping in our room, which is also where the Pack and Play is set up for Logan to nap. Logan was almost asleep when I took Addi in for a nap. I told her to not look at Logan and go to sleep hoping both girls would sleep. I just put my ear to the door and heard Addi chattering away. So, I opened the door to see Addi huddled next to the Pack and Play holding up a book and reading it to Logan. I guess I could've gone in there to tell Addi to get to sleep, but they're being quiet and I'm in the middle of purging the playroom. I'd be crazy to risk "waking" them up :)

And I think I just heard a chorus of Amens from all the other Mommies!