19 February 2007

Little Ginny?

I have learned in Addi's 4 years that little girls are very opinionated about what they wear. Addi is all-girl! She loves dresses (especially ones with enough flounce to twirl), jewelry, shoes, and accessories. She flips her hair, perfects dance moves, pretends to put on makeup, and changes clothes at least 4 times daily. I got it! In fact, I'm usually good enough that I grab just 2 outfits for her to pick from every morning. Until yesterday..."No, I don't want to wear a dress!", "But, Addi, you love dresses!", "I only love fish or rainbow dresses. I want to wear short pants (capris) and my boots and a vest!"...Great. That should look just great. This morning she was back to dresses, except none of the dresses that were hanging in her closet. Her second choice was a skirt. Only, not the cute little purple corduroy skirt with its matching sweater and tights. And not the adorable plaid one with pleats that goes with a long-sleeved pink shirt and has a matching bow. I mean, why would any little girly-girl want to wear one of those?! So, in desperation, I grabbed this, fully expecting another No. But, like any other female, she is full of surprises! My mom sent me this outfit a few months ago when my parents moved out of my childhood home. Apparently my dad bought it for me to wear to the hospital when he took me to meet my little brother. (Addi was so excited when she saw the 4T on the label) So, what do you think, Mom and Dad, is she the spittin' image of me?
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