14 February 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Our day started getting ready for preschool. I did not work today because of all the festivities...who wants to actually learn on Valentines Day?! So, as I was drying my hair I realized I would have a couple hours to myself. Well, basically to myself...I would have Logan, but going from toting around 3 kids to 1 is...well, better than just yourself! (On the occasion when I do get to go somewhere competely alone, I am a flubbering idiot! Can't remember a thing and I feel so akward not worrying about anyone but myself!) All I could think of was that I wanted to go to the mall. Before I could do that I had to take the girls to preschool. Libby's class had a little show and breakfast for parents. I hung around for that and I'm so sorry I have no pictures of it. I rememberred my camera and I even took pictures...of nothing! I was trying to feed Logan with one hand while my free hand held, aimed, zoomed, and shot! The one picture I got of her where she is actually looking at the camera has a little boy's face in front of hers, which just might have freaked some of y'all out! I did, however, get some shots of all 3 girls after lunch today.

And, here they are in all their red and pink beauty!

The star of the breakfast show!

I got to the mall and had about 2 hours to shop! What did I buy? A white shirt, some new brown shoes (so needed these since my Target ones hurt my feet after about 15 minutes and they were on sale!) and (no surprise) stuff for the kids! I stopped by McDonalds on my way to pick up the girls. That was surely the highlight of their day. We are having a special dinner, but I don't think they will like any of it, except dessert. Maybe they'll forgive me since they had a special lunch :)

Libby loves to laugh at Addi and Addi loves to make Libby laugh!

Logan was just relieved that Libby was not sitting close enough to torment her anymore :)

While shopping I was painfully aware of something I do and I wonder if it is rude or if everyone does it. I always look at the price of something before I even pick it up to try on, which stores make difficult since the tags are always neatly tucked into the clothing. I feel embarrased and cheap digging my hand down the waist of a pair of pants and then blatently pulling out the tag while trying not to appear shocked that "they want $70 for a pair of jeans!" I would prefer to think I am just sensible. What do you think...rude or sensible?

Addi is actually posing in this picture. She said, "Wait! Take one with my legs like this!"

I did leave the mall in such a good mood. I don't know if it was the shopping, the fact that I was going to get my girls, or that it is Valentines Day (which since having kids...uhmm, I mean, meeting Bryan has become one of my favorite holidays). Whatever it was, I hope you feel just as happy this Valentines Day as I do.

You can't tell, but Libby Lu was laughing at herself...something she also loves to do!

May I introduce you to Logan, the baby I keep all week. She is almost 6 months old. She is precious and my girls adore her.