18 May 2009

Our girls love to play on the trampoline, but they will never just jump. Their trampoline play must either involve their imaginations or some sort of game.

This morning Libby was itching to do something so I sent her outside to jump. (She never jumps alone.) You can guess that didn't last long and she had me out there taking part in her imaginary play soon. So, she was the princess. Big surprise! I got to be the mother. Another shocker. :) (I'm always the mother or the prince.) The princess left for the ball and danced for a few seconds. Libby quickly informed me that I, as the princess's mother, was supposed to run to the ball and tell the princess that her puppy, named Kitty, was sick. I did as I was told, but was surprised by the answer she gave me.

Me: Princess, Kitty is sick! You need to come home with me to take her to the vet.
Princess Libby: In a minute. I'm doing my email right now.

I'm thinking maybe I need to stop "doing my email" when the kids are awake. :)