17 August 2008

it's later

I never got a chance to come back and post pictures from our trip because I had a birthday party to prep. The birthday party's over and was such fun, so I'll post the trip pictures now and be back later (again!) to post party pictures.
A stop in Austin to visit Aunt Dee, "Ashaley", "Mawl", and Aunt Kathy.
Sea World

The water park at Sea World - I didn't get any good pics of the girls, who loved the water park, because Levi and I had to leave early (thanks, Julie!). It was just too hot for the little man. Everyone else spent the afternoon splashing around with our friends, the Gonzales family.

Sea World (day 2) - It rained, and rained, and rained! We had reservations to eat with Shamu after the show, but that was canceled. We were supposed to do it later that evening, but had to cancel that after everyone that had earlier reservations joined the later time...too many people!

After our lunch plans were canceled, we found an EZ's to eat at and even enjoyed customized shakes. Bryan had chocolate and cookies and cream and I had chocolate and peppermint. The girls chose plain ol' chocolate. Yum! (did the one in Dallas close??)

Nap time

The hotel we stayed at had fire pits to make smores each night. When it got dark, they showed a movie on one of the walls of the building.

Wildlife Ranch

We got a lot of pictures of different animals, but not a lot of the many animals that ate from our food. Except, this ostrich, who wanted to crawl in the van and head home with us!

The cave where my camera was dropped and stopped taking pictures, so we had to buy a picture to prove we tramped through a cave with 99% humidity in August. It was taken at the bottom of the cave. About 30 seconds later, Libby fell asleep in Bryan's arms and he had to carry her the whole 180 feet up to the exit and then the 87 miles out to our car.